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Health care in the United States is a mess.

Despite great advances in technology, most people can only gain access to a tiny portion of what is a available.  This is especially true if you are getting older.

The system does not place the same value on older peoples’ lives and health as it does on younger people.  Sadly, this is the reality of socialized medicine the way it is now being run in the U.S.  There will never be enough money to give everybody all the health care they need.  It is not and will never be possible.  Rationing will continue and probably become even worse.  We wait and wait; we spend days and weeks being run around, and then are frequently denied many services and procedures that might give help or relief.

This is not likely to change soon so if we are to have good quality of life, each of us must take more responsibility for our own health.  In our personal lives and families, we must change the culture that says, “I can gorge myself on anything I crave, be a lazy slug, invest zero effort on education, and then go to the doctor and he/she will fix me and I will be fine.”  This idea is a dangerous fantasy in these times.

The good news is you can prevent or treat many of the ailments that are bothering you yourself.  There is an abundance of information available in books and online.  In fact, there is not very much information to which your doctors have access that you don’t.

Stay connected with Apples and Almonds and we will clarify, simplify, and help you edit out the misinformation and other confusing gunk.



BOREDOM…are you sure you are hungry?

BoredomBoredom is often the problem with obesity and        compulsive eating. 

We and our children need to do engaging and meaningful activities most of the time…or we will eat compulsively and be obese and unhealthy. 

Sitting around watching TV or playing on the computer often triggers compulsive eating in many. You can choose to do something else if you want to. Make a list of activities that you like to do or would like to try and place it on the fridge were you can see it!

Do something. Get up and go.  Keep your mind and body engaged and managing your compulsive eating will become much easier. 


Believe…you really do have a choice! really do have a choice!

People believe what they want to.  Many people choose to believe things that simply are not true. The following beliefs are absolutely not true, even if many people choose to believe them.

  1. I am overweight because something is wrong with me.  (There is nothing wrong with you.  Other people have done it and you can too.  And you will feel amazing when you do.)

  2. If I am to lose weight, I need to find the magic formula.  (There is no magic formula.  You will need to eat healthier and get some exercise…or you will be obese.)

  3. I can’t -fill in the blank.  (You can do virtually anything you believe you can do and that you are committed to do.  You have virtually no limits.  Yes, you can even lose your weight.)

  4. I can lose weight and keep living pretty much like I do now.  (Nope.  This is not true.  If you eat and exercise like most of the people around you, like you are used to, you will be like most of them: way over weight and sick.  To become healthy and lose your weight, you will have to change many, many things.)


Why don’t you choose to believe differently so you can lose your weight and most of your health problems? 

You really do have a choice, you know.


Eat MORE Fruits & Veggies

fruits and veg image

“Natural fruits and vegetables are among some of the most complex and nutritionally dense foods on earth.  They are packed with health-preserving phytochemicals and micronutrients.  They can heal injured blood vessels and help reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, obesity, and diabetes.  Raw fruits and vegetables---especially beans, legumes, and vegetables in a variety of colors---are nutrient and mineral dense and cholesterol free and thus serve as divinely engineered packets of protection for our health.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that nearly half of Americans eat fewer than two servings of fruits and vegetables daily.  This meager intake of fruits and vegetables was listed as one of four bad habits associated with early death, the other three being tobacco use, alcohol use, and lack of regular exercise.”

Dr. G. Craig Kiser  M.D.






Arthritis Gone!

arthritis gone (1)


I didn't know how bad I hurt until the pain was gone.  I lived in constant pain from my lower back, both shoulders, my neck, wrist, and other places, too.  I blamed old football injuries, but the list of painful sites on my body was growing relentlessly.

I was at a point where I had to avoid most tasks that required lifting or bending, and finally, even walking or I would suffer from pain.  I lived in constant fear of throwing my back out and having to lie worthless for days.  My family has a history of surgeries and suffering from arthritis.

Over a five-month period, I changed how I ate and lost 40 pounds. 

My pain disappeared. 

It was only then I realized how bad I had hurt all the time.  To lose the weight I did the 75 percent strategy of 100-calories-per-hour, and gradually weaned myself off from hamburgers and fries, cheese, meat and potatoes to mostly vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, and beans.  Because I was focusing on my arthritis, I also loaded up on anti-inflammatory berries, cherries, leafy greens, and other fruits.

That was over four-years-ago.  Since then I have lost another thirty pounds using the same strategy. 

And I have begun doing yoga, and other exercises to improve my core strength and have become increasingly active physically.  I just keep feeling better and better. I have started running-something I used to enjoy but have been unable to do for many years because of arthritis. 

I feel great.

Oddly, my doctor did not promote diet change and weight loss as a way of curing my arthritis and back problems.  Yours may not either.  We can speculate on why that is, but my doctor is such a resource in so many ways, I don’t want to get down on him.  The point is, your doctor may not promote these changes either. 

But you can do it on your own. 

If I did, anyone can. 

I read materials promoting plant-based-diet to cure both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, but wasn't sure they would work because these cures are usually not recommended by doctors in this country. They did work for me. 

I will be forever grateful I had the motivation to try. 

My misery is gone.


Food is not the enemy

Good food helps you heal, manage your good weight, gives you energy, resistance to disease, and clarity of mind. 

Bad food makes you sick, fat, and addicted. 

Load up on super foods:  Vegetables, fruits, greens, whole grains, beans, and nuts.   


Chocoholics & Sugar Junkies! Here is help!

Chocoholics Anonymous


When we eat sweets, sugar is absorbed rapidly into the blood stream.  Our pancreas then responds by shooting a blast of insulin.  The insulin drives the sugar into the cells where the cells burn what they can use. 

Whatever they can’t use at the moment is stored as fat.  Within a short time our pancreas gets the sugar cleaned up. The hypothalamus recognizes that a drop in sugar has occurred and signals for the appetite to return with a vengeance.  This causes us to crave more and starts the cycle all over again.

At the same time these sugars are also acting much like hard drugs in one special way.  They cause the brain to release endorphin's, or natural opioids.  These neurotransmitters are a natural morphine.  They go right to the pleasure center of the brain and give a small burst of euphoria.

The problem is the rate at which sugar is absorbed.  If the substance, in this case sugar, is absorbed quickly, the rush is more intense.  If it is absorbed more slowly, the good feeling is more prolonged and moderate.  Drug addicts do what they can to make their rush as intense as possible-creating a high risk of overdose.  We love sugar because it is absorbed quickly causing a bigger rush than foods that are absorbed more slowly.

The good news is that the amounts and intensity of the natural morphine created by your body is much milder than the stuff that is manufactured and concentrated by medical professionals to manage the pain of extreme trauma from surgery and from bad injuries, or by illegal drug dealers to achieve maximum addiction.  The bad news is these are, in fact, addictions and behave in much the same way.  While there are some exceptions, most can be managed using some basic principles.  (Incidentally, these are some of the same principles that apply to much more severe addiction.)

First, replace sugar with whole or natural foods that are processed much slower by the body.  For example, an apple, while containing a fair amount of sugar, is also filled with fiber, and the fructose (sugar) is locked into cells that take a while for the body to break down to get to the sugar.  If you eat whole fruit instead of a food with processed, concentrated sugar, the sugar will be processed much more gradually, thus moderating the euphoric feeling and avoiding the rush and sharp insulin-appetite swings.  Avoid foods containing processed sugar and replace them with whole, natural foods that will take more time for your body to process.

Second, our sugar addiction is a real problem for most of us, especially as we first try to attack it.  We need some help in the form of a trainer or counselor and group to hold us accountable and keep us motivated.  Most of us need to have a system that can work as a scaffolding and enable us to replace bad habits and compulsions with healthier ways of behaving and thinking.

Third, a huge part of the problem is our culture, which surrounds us with these foods to which we are addicted.  Other sugar addicts, many of whom we dearly love, push sweets upon us, often as an expression of love.  This can be tough!  Imagine an alcoholic trying to recover while working in a bar.  While this can be done, it is much easier if we work to educate others in our lives so they aren't constantly sabotaging our efforts, especially as we are just beginning to try to make changes.

This posting would not be complete without also noting that there is little difference between sugared sweets and other finely processed foods such as pastas and breads.  These are absorbed instantly and act almost exactly the same as sugar once they get into your blood stream.  That’s why we crave breads, rolls, and pastas pretty much the same as sweets.  The solutions are the same.  Replace anything made with fine ground flour with more coarsely ground grains and other substitutes, which take much longer for the body to break down and are thus absorbed much more slowly.

There.  Now you know what’s going on with your sugar cravings.  If you go to work using the 75% strategy or gorilla diet and eat less refined sugar replacing it with whole fruits and complex carbohydrates, using a trainer or counselor if you need one, educating those around you, you can get your cravings and your life under control.



Educate Yourself

educate yourself

Many of us have a sense that we are watching our health system deteriorate before our eyes.  If you are one of those, take heart.  Most of us can still have great health, but now we just have more individual responsibility.  We can no longer be irresponsible and then just stand and demand that the health system fix everything when it breaks.

Hope for our future health lies largely in the fact that there is so much information available to us.  In fact, I would suggest that just about everything your doctor knows is available to you online.

And since this is your own body we’re talking about, you have an advantage.  You know your own body even better than he/she does.  You know how something makes you feel.  You can distinguish what works from what doesn’t.  You are in a position to diagnose and solve many, if not most of your own medical problems if you will.  And the information is available to enable you to prevent a great deal of the health problems many people experience.

The key is your own willingness to educate yourself and then your commitment to make changes when you need to.

This site is designed to be a tool in your efforts to be healthy and feel great.

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